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  2. I just showed an example of a report exported from ERP in macro recording tutorial 7 no ready made solutions , however understanding the concepts will make you to tweak and write your own code
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    Tutorial 6 Exercise : offset property
  4. Will be making more videos We need to have more viewers in initial videos ... else who join late will not understand .... Will be releasing soon the next videos
  5. arent we moving futher on these videos, or are you willing to continue on it ?
  6. If you are following our videos properly..... we have not touched offset..... even told that offset will be covered in next video so answering at this point is irrelevant For course we have to be together...... else ask in forums in short wait for next tutorial Thank you
  7. whats the difference about offset and range(x,x).cells(x,x)
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    Exercise for Tutorial 5 : cells property of Range object
  9. Tutorial 3 : Understanding Object Model : Properties and Methods
  10. Before we start, please make sure the developer tab is active in your Excel If note please follow the steps Excel > Files > Options > Customize Ribbon Select Developer Tab Once Done , please reply - Yes Developer tab is active in my Excel

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