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We are forming a community to enhance our spreadsheet skills In next couple of months, I'll be sharing tutorials and exercises in this club so whether f you want to learn from beginning or the advanced concepts....

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do not miss this opportunity This is FREE course ... 
We will be starting soon....

For next batches the course FEE is expected to be around $450 . However this time  the course will be absolutely FREE.

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Special Instruction - We recommend Office 365 or Excel 2019 - Get ready 

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    Tutorial 3 - Cell referencing
  3. The course has just started and as we progress we want to hear from you... Other then normal flow - what specific you want to learn..... Pl share we will try to take similar examples.... Your participation is important
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    Tutorial 1 Sales Projection.xlsx
  5. Welcome @Liaquat Najmi I am sure you will love the journey
  6. I am Liaquat Najmi. I am a teacher and am interested in learning new ways to use excel. Current I do use Excel to evaluate my students grades.
  7. Hopefully In Sha Allah. I will try my level best.
  8. Welcome @M Ali Khan Nice to hear from you....Welcome on the board
  9. Hello, This is Ali from Pakistan, work as a Data Analyst in Exhibition Industry. I am Glad to part of this Club, Have a Good Day :)
  10. Welcome @Onur Uzer Pleasure to have you in class.. we are sure you will enjoy the learning journey
  11. Dear all, this is onur from turkey, work as maintenance responsible for beverage compAny. Im glad to be here with you have a nice day to all
  12. Hope to learn more in excel both practical and tutorials just for my use in production report writing . Thanks to the group.
  13. Welcome @Minar This is a right place - stay with full energy and enthusiasm for next two months...
  14. Welcome @Munzir Imam Excel will always help you in the career path Keep a watch ... we are starting soon
  15. I am a mechanical supervisor at operation and maintenance department in a contracting company in Saudi Arabia. I know a little about exile, I am expecting to be professional in it to help me doing my job. And yes I ready.
  16. Hi everyone. I am a mechanical engineer doing my masters now. I want to be proficient in excel. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi @Nazir Welcome on board We are sure you will enjoy the next couple of month journey
  18. Welcome @Martin Chay Nice to hear from you .. may be we will have some examples from your side too Yes we will have statistics but at later stage....
  19. Hi, I am Nazir, Production Engineer. Looking forward to improving my excel BI and analytics skill. Regards
  20. Hi all, I am an aerospace engineer from Milan. Looking forword to improve my excel skills. Greetings!
  21. Good morning all!!! My name is Martin Chay and I am a professor in Business Information Systems. At this moment I am teaching Excel for beginners. I am a very proficient using excel, but would love to learn more about using excel in analytics and statistics.
  22. Question. 1. In my class, I give five homework assignments, each worth 25 points, and three exams, each worth 100 points. I currently compute a student’s final grade by giving 75 percent of the weight to exams and 25 percent to homework. Set up a spreadsheet to calculate the final grade for a student that allows you to change the weight given to exams.
  23. Hi Sir, where is the link to Preliminary Exercise Test? Thanks

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