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FREE Advanced Excel Course We are forming a community to enhance our spreadsheet skills In next couple of months, I'll be sharing tutorials and exercises in this club so whether f you want to learn from beginning or the advanced concepts....

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  2. Hello thanks for the idea. i tried this. Extracted postal code with mid( ). When i use vlookup giving reference to this extracted postal code, it gives me error. I cooy postal code and paste as value. Still it gives me an error. Its only when i type the postal code, vlookup gives me data. Is there any way around to overcome this problem. Thanks Kashmirs
  3. You need to extract postal code in a different column and then it can be applied
  4. Hi Can XLOOKUP / VLOOKUP be useful for the text in the cell. I have a city and postal code in B1 cell. And based on postal code in B1 cell, I want return - package center name . I have table for postal code and center name associated with that postal code. I tried using vlookup and xlookup, but I am not getting the result. Attached is the file. Thanks Kashmira XLOOKUP.xlsx
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    Download template file for practice
  6. Tutorial 19 Power Pivot Overview Dax Formulas – calculated Column Download the file for practice
  7. Good day All, I am new here I want to improve my use of excel please I need your guidance . Thank you.
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    Tutorial 17 is data file Tutorial 17 case is the final outcome
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    Download template file for data
  10. Hi I am here to learn Advance Excel.
  11. Very Good morning Right now No certificates... but for sure pure learning that develops fundamental concepts ...It is the skill and confidence that will speak for you
  12. Good morning, please do you give certificate.
  13. Hello My name is Iyi-Aguebor Esohe Gift, am from Nigeria, Am a Bachelor's degree holder. Have being working for a not for profit sector for almost 4 years now. Currently am a Business Development Strategist at Ignite Africa Leadership Foundation. I love business and data analysis / analyst. also I love using excel as a tool. So I want to know more about excel to boost my change in career to business intelligence analyst.
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    Download template file for practice
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    Counting formulas in excel
  17. how can I understand and create formulas?

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