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  2. MAP – REDUCE – SCAN MAKEARRAY –BYROW – BYCOL ISOMITTED These are recently announced functions by Microsoft .where we can pass lambdas as arguments Download template files
  3. Version 1.0.0


    lambda helper finctions MAP Redude Scan Byrow ByCol makearray isomitted
  4. As-Salamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you), I am Ashrafu Alam, from Chittagong, Bangladesh. I worked at a steel industries as an Accounts officer. Now I am a lecturer at Kadalpur School and College.
  5. Hi team, I am trying to combine two simple excel files just to learn this power query and getting this massage: DataFormat.Error: External table is not in the expected format. Details: cd5hk2xn.XLS can you help please
  6. This is excellent tool for files in one folder. How can we do combining data from different worksheet in new worksheet within one file ? Is it possible.? I have attached the file. I want only coloured cells from worksheet - call , miss into follow up worksheet. combining data from differennt worksheet.xlsx
  7. hello, I was practicing scenario one - where change cell is unit price. Had a question. If I change the value in one of the unit price, doesnt it change the summary table by itself?
  8. Hello thanks for the idea. i tried this. Extracted postal code with mid( ). When i use vlookup giving reference to this extracted postal code, it gives me error. I cooy postal code and paste as value. Still it gives me an error. Its only when i type the postal code, vlookup gives me data. Is there any way around to overcome this problem. Thanks Kashmirs
  9. You need to extract postal code in a different column and then it can be applied
  10. Hi Can XLOOKUP / VLOOKUP be useful for the text in the cell. I have a city and postal code in B1 cell. And based on postal code in B1 cell, I want return - package center name . I have table for postal code and center name associated with that postal code. I tried using vlookup and xlookup, but I am not getting the result. Attached is the file. Thanks Kashmira XLOOKUP.xlsx
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Download template file for practice
  12. Tutorial 19 Power Pivot Overview Dax Formulas – calculated Column Download the file for practice
  13. In 2019 or office 365 https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/textjoin-function-357b449a-ec91-49d0-80c3-0e8fc845691c
  14. Hi What function to use if I dont want every first letter of the word to be upper case. If it is paragraph want only first word , first letter to be upper case. Thanks Kashmira
  15. I just started learning from your tutorial and you really explain it very patiently. Learning a lot. Since I am not familiar with pivot table, I found this turotial little difficult to understand. I had to see it 2 to 3 times to understand it.
  16. Yes you can ...Start with tutorial 1 In this post we should always ask about Xlook up we have a question section for general questions
  17. I cannot see the formula and secondly this question not related to the tutorial pl ask your question https://bi-analytics.org/forum/50-your-questions/ Share the objective and formula you have applied so any 1 can chip in to help you

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