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    If you’ve ever wanted to become an #Excel pro, today is the day! Download our handy formula template, and start down the path of spreadsheet bliss.
  5. Hello, yes that is true. In this case, was the intention to raise the power or multiply?
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  7. * * is for multiplication and ^ is for "raise to power" 2 * 3 = 6 2 ^ 3 = 2 *2*2 = 8
  8. Hello, i have a query on the last exercise (predict number of customers). In calculating the number of customers, instead of using * to multiply, this was used ^. By using *, it returns different values.
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    New Analytics ecosystem :Transform, evolve and operationalize
  10. I just showed an example of a report exported from ERP in macro recording tutorial 7 no ready made solutions , however understanding the concepts will make you to tweak and write your own code
  11. Hi I am here to learn Advance Excel.
  12. I am here to learn Excel.

  13. Can office scripts replace VBA programming
  14. Very Good morning Right now No certificates... but for sure pure learning that develops fundamental concepts ...It is the skill and confidence that will speak for you
  15. Good morning

  16. Good morning, please do you give certificate.
  17. Hello My name is Iyi-Aguebor Esohe Gift, am from Nigeria, Am a Bachelor's degree holder. Have being working for a not for profit sector for almost 4 years now. Currently am a Business Development Strategist at Ignite Africa Leadership Foundation. I love business and data analysis / analyst. also I love using excel as a tool. So I want to know more about excel to boost my change in career to business intelligence analyst.
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