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  2. Tutorial 3 : Understanding Object Model : Properties and Methods
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  5. I am a student in final year of mechanical engineering. Here to increase my skill in excel. Looking forward to get something out of this opportunity. thanks.
  6. Before we start, please make sure the developer tab is active in your Excel If note please follow the steps Excel > Files > Options > Customize Ribbon Select Developer Tab Once Done , please reply - Yes Developer tab is active in my Excel
  7. I am academic faculty for programming and communication concepts.

    I recently started to know more about data science, and wonder how data science become a most power field in today's  technology.

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  9. I work as a Data Analyst in a power industry and i'm passionate about advancing my skills in excel.
  10. I work in accounting & taxation. I am a beginner in advance excel. I want to learn data analysis & advance excel.
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