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  2. I recently make this dashboard in google sheets. To analysis the sales profit etc. different area
  3. To give it a start I am sharing the screenshot of Spreadsheet report made by me in 2007 The name was given performance cockpit My boss Mr Kuldeep Sharma inspired me to make this report Summary Capacity utilization Status of running orders Shipment performance We used to track the data on a daily basis and in summary sheet MTD and YTD figures were shown automatically.
  4. Do you use Excel, Google sheet or another spreadsheet at you work? Whether it is a dashboard, or a simple monthly sales report or a simple tracking list Engineering analysis or financial analysis Marketing, Sales or HR Analysis Colorful or Simple Charts or Table Your best work or your first work Choose one such spreadsheet which you are proud of and share the same We invite you to showcase the screenshot of same spreadsheet and write few lines describing your spreadsheet which may include logic, formula, type of analysis, name of the report etc. This is a knowledge sharing activity and the idea is to display your passion for the spreadsheet, to make it delight, Guidelines and Rules pl keep one entry (post) per person. Do not post twice... If needed edit your already written post. Pl update your location in your profile Prefeed language is English: you can even translate Collective (joint) effort from all participants will lead to enormous learning Your creative and innovative concise description will lead to an interesting showcase to your spreadsheet screenshot. If your data is confidential, use dummy data to showcase the spreadsheet Looking for active participation.: Posting is one part -liking others work is equally important As of now Last date 21st Oct 21 Thanks, and Regards Saurabh Jain Let see who will be among first five to give this activity a grand start
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  6. Hello everyone, I will be soon starting tutorials for Power Query, Before I start, I will happy to hear from you all on the following Do you perform some repetitive tasks in Excel? and would you like to make it automation for that ? Please do share so that in between I can take the same , Looking to hear from you all Trust me Power Query will change the way you work Regards Saurabh Jain
  7. Does Spreadsheet (Excel, Google sheet etc) changed your life .. Showcase the same in one or few magical creative lines...
  8. My 90 % of the day revolves around Microsoft Excel and occasionally on Google sheets ? How about you ?
  9. Do you have some or the other reason to not being able to do something? Or to keep postponing? Check yourself of excusitis which the successful people refrain themselves from!!
  10. Hello Everybody, this is my first video- its a small part of my summary from the book - The Magic of Thinking Big. Go for it if you wonder- how successful people think! Please share your feedback. If you like it, I will share the second part soon. Hope you have a good time watching it. Here’s the link to it.
  11. If you're new to Office script, here are some example scripts: Excel Office Script Examples (jkp-ads.com)
  12. If you need to get started with Office script, here is an explanation of the bare bones requirements to start using it: https://jkp-ads.com/Articles/Excel-office-script-basics.asp
  13. It can replace some VBA programming, but not all. Office Script lacks several important options, for example: No multi-document awareness No prompting the user for information No events And at the moment, it only runs in Excel on-line
  14. MAP – REDUCE – SCAN MAKEARRAY –BYROW – BYCOL ISOMITTED These are recently announced functions by Microsoft .where we can pass lambdas as arguments Download template files
  15. Version 1.0.0


    lambda helper finctions MAP Redude Scan Byrow ByCol makearray isomitted
  16. As-Salamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you), I am Ashrafu Alam, from Chittagong, Bangladesh. I worked at a steel industries as an Accounts officer. Now I am a lecturer at Kadalpur School and College.
  17. Office has a fresh look. It’s modern and new, designed to help you focus on your best work. This new update includes: Simple, intuitive, and seamless experience across all your Office apps Customizable ribbon that you can change and create shortcuts to everyday commands you use the most Office themes that stays in sync with your Windows light or dark mode setting by default Share your work and collaborate with others in real time by selecting Share and sending your draft to whomever you want.
  18. We will use setValue() to write data in cell This tutorial will tech you 1 Where to write code 2 How to run the program, 3 Writing data in cell using setValue() ----------------- A good hand on example to start your office script journey
  19. Hi team, I am trying to combine two simple excel files just to learn this power query and getting this massage: DataFormat.Error: External table is not in the expected format. Details: cd5hk2xn.XLS can you help please
  20. Hi Sam A delay addon in between each step may be a quick trick to resolve the same Just see how much seconds manually printing take place and then just add delay say of 30 seconds to 1 minutes Hope that helps Regards Saurabh
  21. I am trying to convert different files (Word, Excel) in a folder to PDF files ("interim pdf files") and then merge them into one PDF file. In order to do this, I will select all Word documents, and Excel documents, and run through them in separate loops to convert to interim pdf files via PDF Printer. Take the Word loop as an example: To ensure the same UI window name, I will rename each Word document (currentitem) to ToPrint.docx, and then print ToPrint.docx to PDF Printer, and then populate the "save as" with the original document directory and name followed by ".pdf". The issue I am encountering is: The loop will go through first run ok, but during the 2nd run, I receive an error message that I cannot rename the 2nd file because ToPrint.docx is used by another process. I have also added a wait for 60 seconds just in case the previous process takes longer time. However, I still get the same error. Many thanks.
  22. Google Spreadsheets vs. Microsoft Excel: What Should You Choose & when ?
  23. It will be our pleasure to help you and see you growing in your professional journey
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