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  5. i love this comment but i bigin in business intelligence and there not more tuto on plz give links
  6. Business intelligence consists the concepts of big data, warehousing and other IOT. Business intelligence focus on anlysis of data in multi points of views using query language. These data may be real time data or historical data. These data are used for decision making in the future strategy. It needs severs something like MySql, DBMS software, OS for IoT device connection. In some industries, BI is required for communication between different devices such as sensor, wearable devices. Input data for BI can be accessed from excelsheet or cloud or online API. These data have to build data model like star schema. Warehousing is the most important for BI analysis. In warehousing, data are preprocess through ETL process or other ETL tools. And then the resulting data model can be used as input data to do analysis. In data analytics, we can choose one of three ways: descriptive for just explanatory, predictive using data mining techniques, prescriptive. And the output result Dashboard can be viewd as KPI and other cross-sectional views like bar chart, pie chart. This dashboard can be restricted for users in their specific level. Finally, managers make a better strategy to achieve better performance for their organization. Thanks for reading my comments. I am just an undergraduate student. I did a mini project with BI general knowledge. This is all about from my studies. If there is something wrong, all of you guys can point out to me. Thank you so much!
  7. What is IOT concept & how do you relate it with business intelligence & analytics. You can post your views in the comment You can like the best comments You can share it to get more comments
  8. Saurabh Jain

    Excel is wonderful

    What complex functions do I don't believe that anybody Feels the way I do, about Excel Your fate, you’re gonna graduate And find yourself a job to do These skills that we’ve all learned Will be there to see you through I don't believe that anybody Can get ahead in life, without Excel Cause vlookup can help you merge your data You can slice and dice our numbers in pivot table There are many things that I wish I Could have taught to you but you’ll learn in time So trust me, Excel was a skill that saved me And after all, Excel is wonderful COUNTIF, SUMIF, AVERAGEIF or Nested IF will do Remove Dups and Data Validate Are some tricks that you will use I don't believe that anybody Should go a single day, without Excel The FORCAST function models out and predicts Your boss will be amaze by these Excel tricks There are many things that I wish I Could have taught to you but you’ll learn in time So trust me, Excel was a skill that saved me And after all, Excel is wonderful So trust me, Excel was a skill that saved me And after all, Excel is wonderful
  9. Lets start interaction among members.. pl share your introduction...and the area in which BI and analytics is been used by you.
  10. andrewsnee0

    Opinions on Datawatch?

    Have you heard of Datawatch Corporation? Are their data visualization products, like Monarch, better or worse than those of their competitors? Is the company getting better?
  11. Here are 7 predictions for the future of business analytics for 2018 and beyond. The race to BI adoption will be won by small businesses—not large corporations SMBs will deploy BI exclusively from the cloud “Citizen” data scientists will put data scientists out of a job Data will become even more personalized Embedded BI means dashboards in your apps You’ll stop searching for insight and start asking your software (very nicely) for it ‘God save the data’ will be your rallying cry More info about each point here: https://lab.getapp.com/predictions-for-the-future-of-business-analytics/
  12. Please share your cases where you are using power query ?
  13. Hi, thank you for sharing it. I would like to know if you can help me when I am working my projects. I founded my company and I have been developing some interesting projects related with our career.
  14. Better attach complete /maximum information for the use of it in PDF form which could be downloaded.
  15. KaterinaBozic

    Request for Expertise

    Based on your group profile, you have been selected to participate in a short 8-10 minute research study that a team of Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana (FELU) is conducting to gather opinions about the actual use of Business Intelligence and Analytics in firms. The survey is dedicated to BI professionals as valuable informants, which expertise will help us to evaluate the effectiveness of BI and analytics use in dynamic environments so that we can propose better implications for theory and practice. All the members that complete the survey will be provided with a video presentation of the findings, and one participant will get the Heather L Cole's book "Business Intelligence Bull's-Eye: The Executive's Guide: Conquer Your Market and Transform Your Organization with Data and Analytics" in a paperback form. Click on the link below to begin: https://www.1ka.si/a/157708 Your answers will be completely anonymous and analyzed in combination with other members' responses. This invitation will expire within 7 business days or until we have reached the required number of responses. We appreciate your time! Best regards, Katerina Božič Young Researcher at FELU, Slovenia http://www.ef.uni-lj.si/person/Katerina-Jovanovska
  16. AY Aymen


    Salut svp.est ce que il y'a quelqu'un qui a le livre mise en oeuvre d'un projet ETL avec SSIS édition eni merci infiniment
  17. parvez


  18. Ghazali LEBAD


    bonjour..... comment faire !!???
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      امام غزالی رح  فرماتے ہیں : 
      جو غلطی کر نہیں سکتا وہ فرشتہ ھے 
      جو غلطی کرکے اس پر ڈٹ جاۓ وہ شیطان ھے 
      اور جو غلطی کرکے فورا توبہ کرلے وہ انسان ھے 
      اور جو توبہ کرکے اس پر قائم رھے وہ الله کا محبوب بندہ ھے.
      اللہ ہم سب پر رحم فرمائے۔آمین
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