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These 15 Excel keyboard shortcuts will help you become a spreadsheet master

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excel123.jpg.86daca3e7238a76c38661becdb581009.jpgThere are tons of shortcuts for Excel out there—here’s a list of 200 for Excel 2013 alone. But trying to learn such a large number can be overwhelming, confusing, and ultimately inefficient.

Instead, we’ve put together a list of 15 shortcuts that will be immediately useful for most users. This keyboard shortcut lists includes quick ways to format cells, navigate the program, and carry out a few operations.

The list is based on Excel 2016, but most will also work on Excel 2013. When that’s not the case we’ve noted it.

  1. ribbon.png.138c5ad1b22e0e014ca9c2c1de0e7d1a.pngKeyboard access to the ribbon: Similar to the Vim-inspired add-ons for Chrome andFirefox, Excel 2013 and 2016 have a feature called Key Tips. When Key Tips appears by pressing Alt the Ribbon menu is overlaid with letters. Pressing a letter launches the corresponding menu item.
  2. Ctrl + PgDn: Switch between worksheet tabs, moving left to right.
  3. Ctrl + PgUp: Switch between worksheet tabs, moving right to left.
  4. F12: Display the “Save As” dialog.
  5. Ctrl + Shift + $: (Excel 2016) Current cell formatted as currency, with two decimal places and negative numbers in parentheses.
  6. Ctrl + Shift + %: (Excel 2016) Current cell formatted as percentage with no decimal places.
  7. Ctrl + Shift + #: (Excel 2016) Current cell formatted as date with day, month, year.
  8. Ctrl + Shift + “:”: Insert current time.
  9. Ctrl + Shift + “;”:  Insert current date.
  10. F4: Repeats the last command or action, if possible.
  11. Shift + Arrow key: Extends your current cell selection by one addition cell in the direction specified.
  12. Ctrl + F1: Display or hide the Ribbon.
  13. Alt + Shift + F1: Insert a new worksheet tab.
  14. Ctrl + F4: Close the current workbook.
  15. Ctrl + D: Launches the Fill Down command for the selected cells below. Fill Down copies contents and format of the topmost cell in the column.
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