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  1. First of all I would like to extend my thanks to Saurabh for everything that he has taught me over a period of last month. In the beginning when I had my first call with him, I rated myself 8 out 10 in excel, thinking that I knew everything, but when he started teaching, I have changed my rating to 2 in our second class only. Really recommend everyone to do this excel course and I bet your way of thinking in excel will change. Thank you so much, looking forward to start VBA soon!!

    Chakshu Bhardwaj
  2. Senior Manager

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes by Saurabh, who has painstakingly adjusted his time (late night) to match our time in Kuwait so he could deliver the subject matter. Thanks to his expertise and grip over the subjects, we have been provided a working knowledge to deal with varied data types and formats very well in Power query and also simplifying formulas and functions. In Power Bi also we had similar pleasant experience to understand complex relations and dax functions in a simple and practical manner also challenging us to think and understand why and when to use various function outside the class in our works.

    Am eager to do other courses as and when offered by him and looking forward to learn more. 

    All the best!!


    Faby John Internal Audit - Bank
  3. Application Systems Supervisor

    sc.jpgSaurabh is a jovial person who by his methodology helps you understand core concepts and empower you to be logically agile. I was
     skeptical what would i learn so much from an Excel course than runs for 50+ hours. But I was bowled over with his resilience, vast knowledge and experience encapsulating simplicity with a continual hands on training and the sheer commitment he ensures you give into. He is generous in sharing his knowledge and has an ability to present the same thing in any domain which is a great quality of a capable mentor who has matered the art of Excel. Still any doubts, trust me you're in safe hands while you're with him, as he will make your journey an enjoyable and lasting one due to the depth of knowledge you gain with a complete make over!

    Sajini Cherian IT Application Support for Starbucks
  4. Analyst

    I thought I knew how to work through excel until I started my classes with Saurabh. I was skeptical at first, since there are so many other platforms that offers self learning courses, that has already recorded videos with no interaction whatsoever and for what it seems like 'less' price but let me begin with by saying- TAKING THIS CLASS WAS ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS OF MY CAREER.  During our intial meeting, Saurabh and I discussed my knowledge on excel, my career path and that he will give an overview of the basics prior to proceeding to the advanced level. Self learning courses cannot beat this live sessions, as we are working on a topic- there are so many other questions that arises and Saurabh always slows down and explains each steps ( over and over again, if needed). He is a great teacher and I would recommend his classes to all those who want a swift in their career. We covered all the advanced level topics and I'm looking forward to taking programming and Power BI classes with him. 

    Thank you Saurabh for all that you do for your students and for the thorough lessons. 

    Vee Daniel
  5. Saurabh sir has taught me a lot during this course. He is incredibly patient, hardworking, and dedicated. With his depth of knowledge, he made sure that all topics were understood. He taught efficiently and gave several hours everyday and always cleared up any doubts. I would highly recommend this course if you are looking to learn.
    Mee Jain

    Mee Jain
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