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Use Office Scripts in Excel on the web to automate your common tasks. (Excel Online) Typescript

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  2. If you're new to Office script, here are some example scripts: Excel Office Script Examples (jkp-ads.com)
  3. If you need to get started with Office script, here is an explanation of the bare bones requirements to start using it: https://jkp-ads.com/Articles/Excel-office-script-basics.asp
  4. It can replace some VBA programming, but not all. Office Script lacks several important options, for example: No multi-document awareness No prompting the user for information No events And at the moment, it only runs in Excel on-line
  5. We will use setValue() to write data in cell This tutorial will tech you 1 Where to write code 2 How to run the program, 3 Writing data in cell using setValue() ----------------- A good hand on example to start your office script journey

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