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  1. Tutorial 3 : Understanding Object Model : Properties and Methods
  2. Before we start, please make sure the developer tab is active in your Excel If note please follow the steps Excel > Files > Options > Customize Ribbon Select Developer Tab Once Done , please reply - Yes Developer tab is active in my Excel
  3. Please comment if you want to be part of this course I am In Meanwhile : please do have a look on Excel tutorials https://bi-analytics.org/blogs/blog/6-excel-tutorials/
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Tutorial 10 Xookup()
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Case series 3 : Working with Charts
  6. The different types of Business Intelligence dashboards include: Strategic Dashboard Analytical Dashboards Operational Dashboards Tactical Dashboards How do you classify your dashboards ?
  7. first click on join club.....once you are member you can download the same
  8. In the era of self service BI Dashboards I seek your inputs .. How reports are transforming the decision making .....Please share how in your organizations the reporting pattern is transforming for better decision making ? Regards Saurabh
  9. click on download button from the link https://bi-analytics.org/files/file/11-case-series-2-analyzing-sales-data-with-pivot-table/
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