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20 CTRL+SHIFT keyboard shortcuts you are probably not familiar with

CTRL+SHIFT+8 => Selects the entire table, including the header row and the total row (if present)   2)   CTRL+SHIFT+T => (a toggle shortcut): Adds/removes the total row of a table   3)   CTRL+SHIFT+U => Expands/contracts the Formula Bar (toggle)   4)   CTRL+SHIFT+9 => unhides hidden rows within selection   5)   CTRL+SHIFT+L => activates/deactivates filtering (toggle)   6)   CTRL+SHIFT+F6 => to

100 Excel Shortcuts

1. Ctrl + N: To create a new workbook. 2. Ctrl + O: To open a saved workbook. 3. Ctrl + S: To save a workbook. 4. Ctrl + A: To select all the contents in a workbook. 5. Ctrl + B: To turn highlighted cells bold. 6. Ctrl + C To copy cells that are highlighted. 7. Ctrl + D To fill the selected cell with the content of the cell right above. 8. Ctrl + F: To search for anything in a workbook. 9. Ctrl + G: To jump to a certain area with a single command. 10. Ctrl + H: To find and repl

Saurabh Jain

Saurabh Jain in Shortcuts

10 Quick Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts & Mouse Tricks

Improving your Excel skills is a great place to begin to claw back a few minutes on every project, because Excel is a tool used by most of us on a regular basis. It has so many incredible capabilities that are not immediately apparent. Just finding one trick can save you minutes every day. Excel Tip No. 1: Automatically SUM() with ALT + = Quickly add an entire column or row by clicking in the first empty cell in the column. Then enter ALT + ‘=’ (equals key) to add up the numbers in eve

Saurabh Jain

Saurabh Jain in Shortcuts

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