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Business Intelligence & Analytics with Excel FREE Advanced Excel Course We are forming a community to enhance our spreadsheet skills In next couple of months, I'll be sharing tutorials and exercises in this club so whether f you want to learn from beginning or the advanced concepts....

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  2. CTRL+SHIFT+8 => Selects the entire table, including the header row and the total row (if present) 2) CTRL+SHIFT+T => (a toggle shortcut): Adds/removes the total row of a table 3) CTRL+SHIFT+U => Expands/contracts the Formula Bar (toggle) 4) CTRL+SHIFT+9 => unhides hidden rows within selection 5) CTRL+SHIFT+L => activates/deactivates filtering (toggle) 6) CTRL+SHIFT+F6 => toggles to the previous workbook (when two or more workbooks are open) 7) CTRL+SHIFT+F4 => Repeats the last search (like: Find Next) - but backwards (upwards) 😎 CTRL+SHIFT+< => copies values from cell above (same as: CTRL+D) but without selecting the cell above (works on more than one cell) 9) CTRL+SHIFT+> => copies values from cell to the left (same as: CTRL+R) but without selecting the cell to the left (works on more than one cell) 10) CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR => same as CTRL+A 11) CTRL+SHIFT+O => selects all cells containing comments (notes in 365) 12) CTRL+SHIFT+PAGEDOWN => Selects the current and the next worksheet (creation of a Group) 13) CTRL+SHIFT+PAGEUP => Selects the current and the previous worksheet (creation of a Group) 14) CTRL+SHIFT+[ => Selects all Precedents (Direct & Indirect) 15) CTRL+SHIFT+] => Selects all Dependents (Direct & Indirect) 16) CTRL+SHIFT+7 => Applies border (single, black, thin) to selection (only outer border is applied) 17) CTRL+SHIFT+- => removes border (single, black, thin) from selection (removes all borders within the selection) 18) CTRL+SHIFT+A => (when the insertion point is next to the function's name entered) Displays the function’s arguments (in parentheses) 19) CTRL+SHIFT+' => Copies the value from the cell above the active cell into the active cell. If the cell contains a formula, it is converted into value. 20) CTRL+SHIFT+. => Copies the contents of the adjacent cell (to the left) into the active cell. If the adjacent cell contains a formula it copies the formula with relative references.
  3. Zoom the sheet, so sleected range of ceels filled the entire window This can help you and your audience to focus on a specific area of the sheet
  4. I am having licensed version of MS Office 2019 (Home & Student) but below formula's did not work- =Table9[#Totals] =Table9[#Headers] =Table9[[#Data],[Q1]:[Q3]]
  5. I am working with a MNC and having 6+ years of experience in finance domain I have little bit knowledge of excel and looking forward to fluent in Advanced Excel for business analytics and VBA and ready to connect 1hrs daily.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/reel/ChtpFC1jC9q/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  7. Use of Sequence function to create a dynamic calendar template Download Excel Template from https://bi-analytics.org/files/file/313-dynamic-calendar-excel-template/
  8. Download file https://bi-analytics.org/files/file/312-rank-function-in-excel/ The Excel RANK.AVG function returns the rank of a number against a list of other other numeric values. When values contain duplicates, the RANK.AVG function will assign an average rank to each set of duplicates. The Excel RANK.EQ function returns the rank of a number against a list of other other numeric values. When values contain duplicates, RANK.EQ will assign the higher rank to each set of duplicates.
  9. Download file for practice https://bi-analytics.org/files/file/311-large-and-small-in-excel/
  10. Thank you for your feedback I will consider your suggestion in upcoming videos I also teach one to one and there one will find such value addition
  11. Hi Saurabh, I like your way of teaching really it is helping to enhance my knowledge on Excel. However, when you are using some formula's, you just show the formula but there will not be any explaination. If you could explain the formula while using like how it works, whether we should sum first or divide first it will help us lot.
  12. Learn ways of filling series and copying series in Microsoft Excel #excel #exceltutorial #exceltraining #excelbasics
  13. 1. Ctrl + N: To create a new workbook. 2. Ctrl + O: To open a saved workbook. 3. Ctrl + S: To save a workbook. 4. Ctrl + A: To select all the contents in a workbook. 5. Ctrl + B: To turn highlighted cells bold. 6. Ctrl + C To copy cells that are highlighted. 7. Ctrl + D To fill the selected cell with the content of the cell right above. 8. Ctrl + F: To search for anything in a workbook. 9. Ctrl + G: To jump to a certain area with a single command. 10. Ctrl + H: To find and replace cell contents. 11. Ctrl + I: To italicise cell contents. 12. Ctrl + K: To insert a hyperlink in a cell. 13. Ctrl + L: To open the create table dialog box. 14. Ctrl + P: To print a workbook. 15. Ctrl + R: To fill the selected cell with the content of the cell on the left. 16. Ctrl + U: To underline highlighted cells. 17. Ctrl + V: To paste anything that was copied. 18. Ctrl + W: To close your current workbook. 19. Ctrl + Z: To undo the last action. 20. Ctrl + 1: To format the cell contents. 21. Ctrl + 5: To put a strikethrough in a cell. 22. Ctrl + 8: To show the outline symbols. 23. Ctrl + 9: To hide a row. 24. Ctrl + 0: To hide a column. 25. Ctrl + Shift + :: To enter the current time in a cell. 26. Ctrl + ;: To enter the current date in a cell. 27. Ctrl + `: To change the view from displaying cell values to formulas. 28. Ctrl + ‘: To copy the formula from the cell above. 29. Ctrl + -: To delete columns or rows. 30. Ctrl + Shift + =: To insert columns and rows. 31. Ctrl + Shift + ~: To switch between displaying Excel formulas or their values in cell. 32. Ctrl + Shift + @: To apply time formatting. 33. Ctrl + Shift + !: To apply comma formatting. 34. Ctrl + Shift + $: To apply currency formatting. 35. Ctrl + Shift + #: To apply date formatting. 36. Ctrl + Shift + %: To apply percentage formatting. 37. Ctrl + Shift + &: To place borders around the selected cells. 38. Ctrl + Shift + _: To remove a border. 39. Ctrl + -: To delete a selected row or column. 40. Ctrl + Spacebar: To select an entire column. 41. Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar: To select an entire workbook. 42. Ctrl + Home: To redirect to cell A1. 43. Ctrl + Shift + Tab: To switch to the previous workbook. 44. Ctrl + Shift + F: To open the fonts menu under format cells. 45. Ctrl + Shift + O: To select the cells containing comments. 46. Ctrl + Drag: To drag and copy a cell or to a duplicate worksheet. 47. Ctrl + Shift + Drag: To drag and insert copy. 48. Ctrl + Up arrow: To go to the top most cell in a current column. 49. Ctrl + Down arrow: To jump to the last cell in a current column. 50. Ctrl + Right arrow: To go to the last cell in a selected row. 51. Ctrl + Left arrow: To jump back to the first cell in a selected row. 52. Ctrl + End: To go to the last cell in a workbook. 53. Alt + Page down: To move the screen towards the right. 54. Alt + Page Up: To move the screen towards the left. 55. Ctrl + F2: To open the print preview window. 56. Ctrl + F1: To expand or collapse the ribbon. 57. Alt: To open the access keys. 58. Tab: Move to the next cell. 59. Alt + F + T: To open the options. 60. Alt + Down arrow: To activate filters for cells. 61. F2: To edit a cell. 62. F3: To paste a cell name if the cells have been named. 63. Shift + F2: To add or edit a cell comment. 64. Alt + H + H: To select a fill colour. 65. Alt + H + B: To add a border. 66. Ctrl + 9: To hide the selected rows. 67. Ctrl + 0: To hide the selected columns. 68. Esc: To cancel an entry. 69. Enter: To complete the entry in a cell and move to the next one. 70. Shift + Right arrow: To extend the cell selection to the right. 71. Shift + Left arrow: To extend the cell selection to the left. 72. Shift + Space: To select the entire row. 73. Page up/ down: To move the screen up or down. 74. Alt + H: To go to the Home tab in Ribbon. 75. Alt + N: To go to the Insert tab in Ribbon. 76. Alt + P: To go to the Page Layout tab in Ribbon. 77. Alt + M: To go to the Formulas tab in Ribbon. 78. Alt + A: To go to the Data tab in Ribbon. 79. Alt + R: To go to the Review tab in Ribbon. 80. Alt + W: To go to the View tab in Ribbon. 81. Alt + Y: To open the Help tab in Ribbon. 82. Alt + Q: To quickly jump to search. 83. Alt + Enter: To start a new line in a current cell. 84. Shift + F3: To open the Insert function dialog box. 85. F9: To calculate workbooks. 86. Shift + F9: To calculate an active workbook. 87. Ctrl + Alt + F9: To force calculate all workbooks. 88. Ctrl + F3: To open the name manager. 89. Ctrl + Shift + F3: To create names from values in rows and columns. 90. Ctrl + Alt + +: To zoom in inside a workbook. 91. Ctrl + Alt +: To zoom out inside a workbook. 92. Alt + 1: To turn on Autosave. 93. Alt + 2: To save a workbook. 94. Alt + F + E: To export your workbook. 95. Alt + F + Z: To share your workbook. 96. Alt + F + C To close and save your workbook. 97. Alt or F11: To turn key tips on or off. 98. Alt + Y + W: To know what's new in Microsoft Excel. 99. F1: To open Microsoft Excel help. 100. Ctrl + F4: To close Microsoft Excel.
  14. MAP – REDUCE – SCAN MAKEARRAY –BYROW – BYCOL ISOMITTED These are recently announced functions by Microsoft .where we can pass lambdas as arguments Download template files
  15. Version 1.0.0


    lambda helper finctions MAP Redude Scan Byrow ByCol makearray isomitted
  16. As-Salamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you), I am Ashrafu Alam, from Chittagong, Bangladesh. I worked at a steel industries as an Accounts officer. Now I am a lecturer at Kadalpur School and College.
  17. Hi team, I am trying to combine two simple excel files just to learn this power query and getting this massage: DataFormat.Error: External table is not in the expected format. Details: cd5hk2xn.XLS can you help please

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