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20 CTRL+SHIFT keyboard shortcuts you are probably not familiar with

Saurabh Jain


CTRL+SHIFT+8 => Selects the entire table,
including the header row and the total row (if present)


2)   CTRL+SHIFT+T => (a toggle shortcut):
Adds/removes the total row of a table


3)   CTRL+SHIFT+U => Expands/contracts the Formula Bar (toggle)


4)   CTRL+SHIFT+9 => unhides hidden rows within selection


5)   CTRL+SHIFT+L => activates/deactivates filtering (toggle)


6)   CTRL+SHIFT+F6 => toggles to the previous workbook (when two or more workbooks are open)


7)   CTRL+SHIFT+F4 => Repeats the last search (like: Find Next)  - but backwards (upwards)


😎   CTRL+SHIFT+< => copies values from cell above (same as: CTRL+D) but without selecting the cell above (works on more than one cell)


9)   CTRL+SHIFT+> => copies values from cell to the left (same as: CTRL+R) but without selecting the cell to the left (works on more than one cell)





11)  CTRL+SHIFT+O  => selects all cells containing comments (notes in 365)


12)  CTRL+SHIFT+PAGEDOWN => Selects the current and the next worksheet (creation of a Group)


13)  CTRL+SHIFT+PAGEUP => Selects the current and the previous worksheet (creation of a Group)


14)  CTRL+SHIFT+[ => Selects all Precedents (Direct & Indirect)

15)  CTRL+SHIFT+] => Selects all Dependents (Direct & Indirect)


16)  CTRL+SHIFT+7 => Applies border (single, black, thin) to selection (only outer border is applied)


17)  CTRL+SHIFT+- => removes border (single, black, thin) from selection (removes all borders within the selection)


18)  CTRL+SHIFT+A =>  (when the insertion point is next to the function's name entered) Displays the function’s arguments (in parentheses)


19)  CTRL+SHIFT+' => Copies the value from the cell above the active cell into the active cell. If the cell contains a formula, it is converted into value.


20)  CTRL+SHIFT+. => Copies the contents of the adjacent cell (to the left) into the active cell. If the adjacent cell contains a formula it copies the formula with relative references.



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