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Spreadsheet Day commemorates the date that VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program for personal computers, was released – October 17th, 1979. Since its beginnings, Spreadsheet Day has grown to become a day for celebrating both the advantages and the aggravations of working with spreadsheet software.

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  2. I recently make this dashboard in google sheets. To analysis the sales profit etc. different area
  3. To give it a start I am sharing the screenshot of Spreadsheet report made by me in 2007 The name was given performance cockpit My boss Mr Kuldeep Sharma inspired me to make this report Summary Capacity utilization Status of running orders Shipment performance We used to track the data on a daily basis and in summary sheet MTD and YTD figures were shown automatically.
  4. Do you use Excel, Google sheet or another spreadsheet at you work? Whether it is a dashboard, or a simple monthly sales report or a simple tracking list Engineering analysis or financial analysis Marketing, Sales or HR Analysis Colorful or Simple Charts or Table Your best work or your first work Choose one such spreadsheet which you are proud of and share the same We invite you to showcase the screenshot of same spreadsheet and write few lines describing your spreadsheet which may include logic, formula, type of analysis, name of the report etc. This is a knowledge sharing activity and the idea is to display your passion for the spreadsheet, to make it delight, Guidelines and Rules pl keep one entry (post) per person. Do not post twice... If needed edit your already written post. Pl update your location in your profile Prefeed language is English: you can even translate Collective (joint) effort from all participants will lead to enormous learning Your creative and innovative concise description will lead to an interesting showcase to your spreadsheet screenshot. If your data is confidential, use dummy data to showcase the spreadsheet Looking for active participation.: Posting is one part -liking others work is equally important As of now Last date 21st Oct 21 Thanks, and Regards Saurabh Jain Let see who will be among first five to give this activity a grand start
  5. Does Spreadsheet (Excel, Google sheet etc) changed your life .. Showcase the same in one or few magical creative lines...
  6. My 90 % of the day revolves around Microsoft Excel and occasionally on Google sheets ? How about you ?

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