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What is IOT concept & how do you relate it with business intelligence & analytics

Saurabh Jain


What is IOT concept & how do you relate it with business intelligence & analytics.

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Business intelligence consists the concepts of big data, warehousing and other IOT. Business intelligence focus on anlysis of data in multi points of views using query language. These data may be real time data or historical data. These data are used for decision making in the future strategy. It needs severs something like MySql, DBMS software, OS for IoT device connection. In some industries, BI is required for communication between different devices such as sensor, wearable devices. Input data for BI can be accessed from excelsheet or cloud or online API. These data have to build data model like star schema. Warehousing is the most important for BI analysis. In warehousing, data are preprocess through ETL process or other ETL tools. And then the resulting data model can be used as input data to do analysis. In data analytics, we can choose one of three ways: descriptive for just explanatory, predictive using data mining techniques, prescriptive. And the output result Dashboard can be viewd as KPI and other cross-sectional views like bar chart, pie chart. This dashboard can be restricted  for users in their specific level. Finally, managers make a better strategy to achieve better performance for their organization.

Thanks for reading my comments.  I am just an undergraduate student. I did a mini project with BI general knowledge. This is all about from my studies. If there is something wrong, all of you guys can point out to me. Thank you so much!

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