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  2. Regular Expression - SQL=================== ◼A Regular Expression(RegEx) is used to match patterns with various sequences of characters. ◼A RegEx can be a combination of different data types such as integer, special characters, Strings, images, etc. ◼These patterns are used in String searching algorithms in order to perform find or find and replace operations on Strings, or for validating the input. ◼RegEx are not case sensitive 🔷Syntax for using SQL Regex:=======================SELECT<column_name>...from <table_name>WHERE <col_name***>REGEXP 'my_pattern';<col_name***> : column on which the regular expression needs to be applied
  3. Starting with SQL? Top class Venn Diagram game to learn SQLs! What are the most common difficulties you face in SQL?Great work by Andreas Martinson to put this amazing visual together. Posted by Adi Polak on linkedin

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