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  2. Download the dataset for practice https://bi-analytics.org/files/file/314-dataset-for-tutorial-1-for-poer-bi/ Assignment & Instructions 1 create the visual by your hand - once done - pl comment Done- You can also share the screenshot : Choose better colours Additionally now try the following 2 Create a chart - showing Sales by year 3 Add Qty in Tooltips : You can now see sales and Qty both in tool tip when you hover a mouse on the column of any year. Do comment what you learnt in the tutorial ?
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    Download the data set for practice
  4. The first step is to install the power BI on your machine There may be many ways to Install (Download) Power BI and as always you can google "Download Power BI" Once done , pl comment Done It will be pleasure to know your location as well... or simply you can keep your profile up to date

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