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Tutorial 11 - Inputbox and MsgBox


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I could do the assignment for this tutorial. Converting celsius to Fahrenheit.

I tried to add With Range and it gives me error, object require. Pls advise where my code is wrong.

Sub celcius()

Dim celcius As Integer
Dim Farenhiet As Integer

celcius = InputBox("Give me temperature in Celcius")

Range("B3").Value = celcius

Farenhiet = (celcius * 1.8) + 32

    With Range("B4").Value = Farenhiet

                .Font.Size = 11

                .Font.Color = "2367"
MsgBox "Farenhiet is" & " " & Farenhiet

End With

End Sub

Without using "With" it works. Do I need to use the Worksheets object. ?

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1  Msgbok cannot be inside with and End with 


2  With has to be placed like this - all operations on B4

With Range("B4")

                 .Value = Farenhiet

                .Font.Size = 11

                .Font.Color = "2367"

End With


MsgBox "Farenhiet is" & " " & Farenhiet

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