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Case Series 2 : Analyzing Sales data with Pivot Table

Saurabh Jain


In this case, we will analyze sales data from two stores and answer the following questions

  • What percentage of sales occur at each store ?
  • What percentage of sales occur at each month ?
  • How much revenue does each product generated?
  • Which products generate 80 % of revenue?

We will also learn the Use of Report Filters & Slicers



Download data set



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Dear Saurabh,

I have gone through most of your tutorials along with the cases and i liked the way of teaching. It's a great learning and useful for all users (beginners to advance). Thanks.   

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I just started learning from your tutorial and you really explain it very patiently. Learning a lot. 

Since I am not familiar with pivot table, I found this turotial little difficult to understand. I had to see it 2 to 3 times to understand it. 

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